FORO International Forum for Reputation in Hospitality

2020 | 2019 | 2018

The 2019 edition topic was Building Reputation, with 4 thematic sessions: Gastrodiplomacy and Culinary Innovation, Hotel Reputation Management, Restaurant Reputation & Evaluation, Guest Experience Design.

​Our Speakers & Partners

Pascal Steffen

received the first Michelin star in February 2019, Switzerland

Chef Pascal Steffen was named “Discovery of the Year” in 2018 by Gault & Millau and the Roots Restaurant in Basel, Switzerland, whose kitchen he co-ordinates, was awarded with 16 points. 

Yakup Dinler

owns & manages the Luxury Boutique Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

Kayakapi Premium Caves – Cappadocia 5*, part of UNESCO & World Heritage Center, was chosen as the #1 Luxury Hotel in the World by TripAdvisor on the Travellers Choice 2019 Awards. 

Alex Petricean

awarded Chef of the Year 2018 by Gault & Millau Romania

Alex Petricean is Head Chef & Owner of NOUA Restaurant. He is known by the gourmet public for his professional background best defined by his work in the team of Noma restaurant from Copenhagen and for the food culture created at Maize Bucharest.

Ray F. Iunius

Chairman of the opening session

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) was founded in 1893, being world’s first hotel school and one of the top hospitality management institutions in the world. Dr. Ray F. Iunius is Business Development Director at EHL Advisory Services. He is also the author of a number of books such as ”Industrie de l’accueil”, ”Hôtellerie de Luxe”, ”La gestion des spas” etc.

Cristina Timiș

Vice-president of Cris-Tim Group

Professional Partner / Cristina and her husband founded in 1992 Cris-Tim, a family company, nowadays a group of 7 companies, and since 2018 has taken over a business in the hospitality industry, Casa Timis where „the multisensory experience is related to the connection with the pure nature and the terroir of the place”.

Koen Heeren

one of the trendsetters in the wellness industry

Professional Partner / Koen Heeren is CEO of Alpha Industries AWT BVBA. He was always innovative in his vision on the Wellness industry. He increased and enlarged the production range from standard small cabins sold only in Europe to huge wellness areas installed worldwide.

Vadim Mikhalitsyn

manages the Hotel Savoy Moscow 5*, Russia

The hotel was awarded Russia’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2018 by World Travel Awards. Vadim believes that the loyalty of guests is an indicator of service and reputation. His mission and the hotel’s staff is to exceed expectations of the guests.

Andreea Strugaru

Managing Partner, KADRA

Supporter / Andreea Strugaru wanted that the advanced access engineering technologies she discovered in the West, to be accessible in our country, so, today she manages the company whose goal is to become a market leader in the field of automation for access ways: pedestrian doors, gates and barriers, parking management systems.

Cezar Munteanu

Chairman of the “Restaurant Reputation” session

Chef Cezar Munteanu has been working in gastronomy for over 27 years. He cooked for great personalities of the world, but also for poor African children. Today he teaches culinary management and develops projects in the hospitality industry and also teaches children in Romania what healthy eating means.

Arlene Stein

about Gastrodiplomacy and Gastronomic Innovations, Germany

Arlene Stein is founder and CEO of Terroir Hospitality – an organization that transforms global food systems through gastrodiplomacy. She is a catalyst for creative collaboration and social and environmental responsibility in the hospitality industry. 

George Butunoiu

Restaurant Evaluator and Founder of, Romania is a restaurant evaluation and presentation system. In the last 10 years, George Butunoiu evaluated more than 1,000 restaurants and cafes where you can eat, from Bucharest from the total of 3,500.

Luis Lezama Barañano

Founder and President of Grupo LEZAMA, Spain

The group operates in the hospitality sector and it consists of a number of restaurants, hotels and schools for training in this field. Luis Lezama Barañano is also the president of the EURHODIP association – The Leading Hotel Schools in Europe,

Benjamin Calleja

CEO of Livit – World’s largest restaurant design firm, operating in 40 countries

The company focus is to improve the performance of restaurants through the experience that design can offer to customers, looking for an emotional bond between guests and brand by creating a specific atmosphere.

Beat Wicki

Director, B.H.M.S. Business & Hospitality Management School, Switzerland

Beat Wicki has a professional experience of over 30 years, being involved in educational projects around the world. Since 2017, Wicki became the director of B.H.M.S., one of Switzerland’s largest private hotel management school. 

Tinu Sebeșanu

CEO, Trend Hospitality, Romania

Tinu Sebeşanu is the owner of the consulting and management company – Trend Hospitality. He is also the founder of HORA – Employers Organization of Romanian Hotels and Restaurants. 

Ștefan Țînț

Owner, Teleferic Grand Hotel 4*, Poiana Brasov

At the Romanian Top Hotel Awards, the hotel won the first place in the category “4 Stars Leisure Hotel of the Year” in 2017 and 2018. Also, at the International Hospitality Awards in Kiev, it won the first place at category “Best Resort Hotel – Eastern Europe”.

Raluca Hrițcu

Country Manager, Gault & Millau, Romania

Gault & Millau is the first international culinary guide that enters in the Romanian market. In addition to the evaluation of restaurants, Gault & Millau Romania aims to support, through specific actions, the chefs, the local restaurants’ scene, the wide audience as well as the local producers.  

Dora Morhan

General Manager, Pleiada Boutique Hotel 5*, Iasi

Pleiada Boutique Hotel is the only 5-star hotel in Moldova. Dora joined the hotel’s management team in 2018 as Business Development Manager, and  become CEO in 2019. She was also Marketing Coordinator of the Romanian National Opera in Iasi and combined the hospitality and cultural fields.

Adrian Soare

presents the new Autograph 5 * by Marriott Hotel, which will open in 2020

The hotel designed by CUMULUS represents the rebuilding and transformation of Marmorosch Blank Bank Palace in Bucharest, a Class A listed building. Arch. Adrian Soare, co-founder of the CUMULUS Architecture Office from Bucharest, is the coordinator of this project.

Richard Andrews

presents the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai, China

Arch. Richard Andrews is one of the founders of the architectural office JADE UK. The office focuses on high-quality architecture projects,  particularly in the hospitality sector. The Shanghai hotel was built on the site of an abandoned quarry, including underwater rooms.

Cătălin Trandafir

The architect of the Werk Restaurant in Hunedoara, nominated for Mies van der Rohe 2019

Arch. Catalin Trandafir is Managing Partner at the Architecture and Design Office, Filofi and Trandafir Architecture, founded in 1994, with offices in Cluj-Napoca and Alba Iulia.

Cristian Preotu

Owner of Le Bistrot Français – the first Romanian restaurant present in the Relais & Chateaux network

Cristian Preotu is the co-founder of the Romanian group Le Manoir, which has been active in the gastronomy and niche products industry since 2004, under the following brands: Le Manoir, Comtesse du Barry and Petit Bateau in stores & restaurants in Bucharest that are part of Relais & Châteaux network.

Andreea Bîrlădeanu

Senior Account Manager,, Romania

Andreea Bîrlădeanu graduated from Hospitality Business Management (BA) at the University of Birmingham, following a training period at Marriott International. Andreea and her colleagues from Romania office, daily help people to experience the world.

Ioan Bebeșelea

Syndicat Gourmet was chosen as the best restaurant in Sibiu in 2018

Ioan Bebeşelea is Chef and Co-Owner of Syndicat Gourmet. The motto behind is: “Quality food, local ingredients”. His restaurant received 12 points and a bonnet in the Gault & Millau 2018 gourmet guide.

Christine Schillings

Vice President of the Federation of Hotel Industry in Romania – FIHR

Christine Schillings has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, currently being General Manager of Crowne Plaza Hotel 4* in Bucharest. Before, Christine worked 30 years for Hilton WW with the last 10 years supervising the entire Eastern Europe / Turkey Hilton properties. 

Răzvan Dincă

National Operator of the Green Key programme, Romania

Răzvan is the Director of Programmes at the Carpathian-Danubian Center for Geoecology. Green Key is one of the International Foundation for Environmental Education programmes dedicated to hotels and other tourism establishments that promote and have a responsible attitude to the environment.

Andrei Popa

Manager of the restaurant with the most points in the Special Destinations category, Gault & Millau 2018

Atra Doftana Restaurant received 13, 5 points in the first edition of the Gault & Millau gourmet guide, being the 7th in the overall rankings. Andrei Popa, who is also the in-house sommelier, relies on concepts like ”Farm to Table” and ”Food and Wine Pairing”.

Răzvan Crișan

runs the Kane – Seasonal Bistro, awarded with 14.5 points Gault & Millau in 2018

Kane is the main restaurant of the same name group focused on creating hospitality projects around three basic principles: concepts built around the talents of the teams they work with, high quality design, ingredients from producers with similar values. Razvan Crişan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kane Group.

Mihai Lambrino

Vinto – Gastro Wine Bar was chosen at the top of Timisoara’s restaurants list in 2018

Mihai Lambrino opened Vinto Gastro Wine Bar with his wife, in 2017. He received the highest score in Banat in the gastronomic guide launched last year, 11.5 points. Vinto is the first and the only Restaurant in Timisoara with Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator 2018. 

Oana Coantă

Co-owner & Chef Manager at Bistro de l’Arte, Gault & Millau’s highest score restaurant in Brasov in 2018

The bistro menu has about 80% local ingredients, and most of the dishes are prepared according to local recipes, many unique. The primary interest is the promotion of Romanian gastronomy as a form of quality tourism for both Romanians and foreigners. 



Shanghai Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel


The first five-star hotel that was built on the site of an underground abandoned quarry, including underwater rooms. It has been successfully completed and opened to the public in November 2018.

Roots Restaurant


1 star Michelin Restaurant. In the roots kitchen contemporary ingredients and technology are combined with traditional techniques. the flavours and combinations are modern, direct, and aim to evoke memories while inspiring the senses.

Hotel Savoy Moscow 5*


Russia’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2018. Savoy has been an integral part of the capital`s culture and history for more than a century. The historic hotel combines age-old traditions and up-to-date standards of high-quality service.

Kayakapi Premium Caves – Cappadocia 5*


First & Only Boutique Hotel in Cappadocia: Kayakapi Premium Caves – Cappadocia, the award-winning cave hotel located in a historical neighborhood supported by UNESCO and World Heritage Center.

Casa Timiș

📍 Romania

Casa Timiş is a space built to communicate with the past, the present and the future, a restoration project with the ambition of emphasizing the identity of the Romanian people. A mix of gastronomy with the soul and the magic of Casa Timis wine .

Teleferic Grand Hotel 5*


The history of the Teleferic starts after 1970, with a classic European mountain-style hotel construction, having the best settlement in the famous mountain resort Poiana Brasov. The hotel operated until 1992, then closed for 20 years. The reopening was made after a radical transformation, the Teleferic Hotel becoming since 2015 a „luxury hotel universe”.

Atra Doftana

📍 romania

Only 100 m away from the shore of Lake Paltinu in Tesila, this modern guest house features a lounge area with a fireplace. Pension Atra Doftana overlooks the lake and has a restaurant serving international cuisine. The outdoor terrace has barbecue facilities.

Pleiada Boutique Hotel 5*

📍 romania

Pleiada Boutique Hotel is the only 5-star hotel in the region of Moldova. The hotel is situated in a quiet secluded area of the city of Iași. The place is an oasis of calm, full of nature sounds, where sunrises and sunsets perform a real show. Pleiada Boutique Hotel is the only hotel with a Wall of Fame and an art exhibition on display every month.

Autograph 5* by Marriott 

📍 Romania

The first brand hotel Autograph by Marriott International in Romania, built in a historical monument – The Bank’s Palace Marmorosch Blank & Co. The building is a historic A class monument, “wounded” by various interventions and time. Cumulus’s conceptual intent was to “cure” these open wounds by preserving historical elements.

Le Bistrot Français


Relais & Châteaux Le Bistrot Français vision is to turn every single guest visit into a memorable experience centered around authenticity, refined flavours, passion for everything that is good and beautiful, as well as the involvement of each member of the team.

Bistro de l’Arte

📍 Romania

Located in the old part of the city, Bistro de l’Arte was opened in December 2000 as a French coffee & eating-place. In Bistro de l’Arte art has a special place. Famous Romanian artists presented their works in the last years: painters, sculptors, photographers, and craftsmen.

Crowne Plaza Hotel 4*

📍 Romania

The 4-star Crowne Plaza Bucharest Hotel offers modern rooms with modern-style interiors in proximity to Herastrau Park. The venue was designed in the contemporary style and built in 1998. Additional amenities include airport shuttle service, room services and ironing service.

Kane Seasonal Bistro


Kane is an illustration of what contemporary Romanian creativity stands for. The restaurant promises a memorable exploration of tastes based solely on local Romanian ingredients that have been skilfully combined to bring out very surprising flavours.


Vinto – Gastro Wine Bar


Inspired by nature and wine, they chose to draw the place with natural materials, but also to cook in tandem with the 4 seasons and inspired by the culinary culture of the wine regions. From the culinary point of view, Vinto offers an a la carte menu sommelier service, and a Wine & Food Pairing menu.

Werk Restaurant

📍 Romania

A good example of industrial heritage recovery. Most important distinctions obtained with this restaurant project are the Built Space BETA Competition 2018, the ASAR Excellence Award from the BNA and the BATRA Prize at the Community Facilities category. 

Syndicat Gourmet

📍 romania

Food, recipes and stories inspired by the cook’s time in India. Fresh ingredients are bought every morning from the town’s main market place. Syndicat Gourmet preserved the old style of the building and created a nice atmosphere for the guest to relax and enjoy the food.



Chef Tsuchiya Naofumi

Chef & Owner, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, Cluj-Napoca

Chef Thomas Parnaud

Head Chef, Restaurant Le Cave, BUCHAREST

Nora Al Zain

Hotel Manager, Bucharest Comfort Suites Hotel 4*, BUCHAREST

Silvia Pintilie Moscaliuc

Senior Interior Designer, Inland Deco, Iași

Alina Catrina, Marilena Popa

Co-founders, Zada Architecture, Bucharest

Ciprian Dogaru

Executive Manager, Hotel Ambient 4*, Brașov

Ciprian Faraon

Managing Director, NOBLESSE Boutique Hotel 5*, Sibiu

Bogdan Arsene

General Manager, Best Western Stil Hotel 4*, BUCHAREST

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Ciprian Faraon

Managing Director, NOBLESSE Boutique Hotel 5*, Sibiu

FORO Guest

The level of investments in the quality of the services and the comfort of the rooms, in the hospitality industry, are determined by the classification level, the business vision that the shareholders of that company have when they set their target customers, obviously based on a correct market analysis. Maintaining the comfort level and the quality of services are the major challenges of hotel management, this being closely linked to the quality of the management, the training of the staff but also the dynamics of the market. 

Chef Tsuchiya Naofumi

Chef & Owner, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, Cluj-Napoca

FORO Guest

My desire to attend this event is not random. Investing in the quality of services represents us and our entire business. Undoubtedly, reputation in this area is vital but also very difficult to obtain, consolidate and maintaine. Here is the real challenge and fascination! 

Chef Thomas Parnaud

Head Chef, Restaurant Le Cave, Bucharest

FORO Guest

Thank you for the invitation to FORO 2018, an event that I find particularly useful in the Romanian industry. As you already know, a good restaurant works thanks to a team in the kitchen and a team in the restaurant.  At this point, quality services have become very important in the restaurant strategy to attract customers. To have a reputation, a Chef must create his own brand. For example the Cave of Bucharest is a restaurant with French haute-cuisine but eco responsible, 90-95% of the ingredients used being local, basic products, unpretentious in terms of quality.

Nora Al Zain

Hotel Manager, Bucharest Comfort Suites Hotel 4*, București

FORO Guest

Because we live in a world that is constantly developing at an alarming level, we must follow all modern trends. One of the primary pillars of resistance of a hotel is human capital. That is why it is very important to always invest and train our team in order to provide excellent services to our guests.

Silvia Pintilie Moscaliuc

Senior Interior Designer, Inland Deco, Iași

FORO Guest

A hotel is for a part of the guests the house away from home, and for another part it is that space that is referred to when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. In other words, it is an aesthetically superior point. For a designer, hotel and restaurant projects are challenging, inviting you to find a balance between avant-garde design, efficient compartmentalization, color and tempered lighting.

Nicolae Marin

Manager, Hotel Tecadra 4*, Bucharest

FORO Guest

Investments in a hotel are necessary, both in accommodation spaces (refurbishment and renovation of rooms, changing and redecorating bars and restaurants, improving menus), as well as investing in the quality of services offered by hoteliers. For a hotel manager, the quality of the services, the beauty of the space and the decoration are the strong points in building of a reputation.

Alina Catrina, Marilena Popa

Co-founders, Zada Architecture, Bucharest

FORO Guest

The notoriety of a space is closely linked to the architecture and especially to the ability of the architect to juggle with the space, with the light, with the energy of the place, with the story of the brand. The architect is the magician who balances the variables and the constants and lays the foundations of a unitary space, harmoniously combines the joy of the space with the needs of the beneficiary, with the principles of theory and design to give birth to a place where people experience certain emotions, energies and sensations.

I want to attend

Jens Jakob Gustmann

Philips Health Systems Sales Leader CEE

Master Partner ROHO


“Philips’ mission is to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovations across what we call the “health continuum”. The vision of ROHO is similar to ours, and we are delighted to be the Master Partner of this event.

I want to Become a Partner

Chef Ștefan Popescu

Executive Chef, Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center

FORO Guest 

A restaurant is itself a complex investment. One of the current problems in this field is the quality of services, which is why it is imperative to invest in this direction. A restaurant can remain “top” only by maintaining quality – that is why this concept must be understood in detail. Competition is growing in all sectors and the best way to distinguish yourself from others is the reputation you build. The decision to use reputation as a career building tool differs from one sector to another and depends on the professional objective. However, being a professional with visibility becomes an increasingly necessary means of career development.

Bogdan Arsene

General Manager, Best Western Stil Hotel 4*, Bucharest

FORO Guest

The policy of the Best Western Stil hotel has a very important component of customer service. We care about our guests and are very attentive to the feedback they send us through various forms (directly at the hotel reception, in direct meetings with our staff, through the hotel feedback forms, through the pages of TripAdvisor, Booking, Facebook etc.). Feedback from our guests helps us to maintain the level of services and facilities we offer to a certain standard and to make improvements. In the last 2 years we have made significant investments in this regard.

Ciprian Dogaru

Executive Manager, Hotel Ambient 4*, Brașov

FORO Guest

The quality of the services must be continuously improved, and this is done through regular trainings and last-minute information shared with the relevant departments. Maintenance of hotel spaces is also a priority, as good hotel services cannot compensate for unattended space and vice versa. A mix between the two components is ideal and leads to the success of the customer relationship. A hotel’s reputation is its business card. In the online environment, the grades given by the guests are the mirror of the activity of the hotel, and they can be improved by good management and communication with the client.

Vlad Bontaș

Manager, AGROVOC, Galați, +5500 ha

Guest Farmer

First and foremost, I want to thank you for your invitation and to congratulate you on the organization of the Forum, which was very well structured, both in terms of the guests, as well as of the topics addressed. It was a day full of – we hope – useful information; when the breaks allowed it, we made the most of the networking part to become acquainted with other Romanian colleagues and to talk about the problems in our farms and what could be improved.

Dr. Mircea Cinteză

Șeful Secției Cardiologie 1, Spitalul Universitar de Urgență București

Medic Invitat ROHO

“A fost impresionant interesul pentru Convenția Română a Spitalelor. Un mare număr de participanți au venit la București din întreaga țară. Temele dezbatute sunt importante pentru oricine este implicat în activitatea de management medical.”

Dr. Alina-Bondoc

Director Medical, Medlife Titan, București

Medic Invitat ROHO

”Vă mulțumesc pentru invitatia la ROHO 2017 și mă bucur că am avut prilejul să particip și să ascult profesioniști din managementul medical, atât din România, cât și din străinătate. Consider că un asemenea eveniment pune România pe hartă, ca țară europeană, care oferă servicii de sănătate populației, la standarde de înaltă calitate. Este extrem de important schimbul de experiență și de viziune la nivel de management, pe care îl oferă un eveniment de acest tip, și nu în ultimul rând, posibilitatea de a cunoaște persoane-cheie din acest domeniu și de a lega relații profesionale de durată. Am apreciat în mod deosebit oportunitatea de a crește vizibilitatea sistemului medical privat în fața guvernanților, atât pe plan național, cât și internațional, prin promovarea unor organizații cum ar fi European Union of Private Hospitals (EUHP).”

Petru Șușca

Manager, Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență, Cluj

Manager Invitat ROHO

“Convenția Română a Spitalelor se evidențiază în peisajul evenimentelor din România. Reunind profesioniști din domeniul medical, evenimentul devine un prilej de a împărtăși experiență, dar și o ocazie de a interacționa cu oameni cu preocupări similare. Am apreciat alegerea atentă a speakerilor. Cunoștințele acestora sunt de un real folos în munca zilnică și pentru rezolvarea unora dintre problemele cu care ne confruntăm. Calific ediția din 2016 a Convenției Române a Spitalelor drept un eveniment constructiv și de calitate.”

Dr. Elisabeta Raț

Manager, Spitalul Municipal Carei, Satu Mare

Manager Invitat ROHO

”Vă mulțumesc pentru faptul că și în acest an m-ați onorat cu invitația de a participa la acest eveniment. Din prezentările Speakerilor din sănătate, de la noi și din străinătate, am observat că preocuparea deosebită pentru asigurarea calității actului medical și siguranța pacienților câștigă tot mai mult teren în managementul spitalelor publice și private. Cred că, în activitatea zilnică din unitățile sanitare, protocoalele terapeutice și procedurile de lucru implementate, definesc bune practici de eliminare a riscurilor clinice, combaterea infecțiilor asociate asistenței medicale și nu în ultimul rând, o abordare corectă și eficientă a diagnosticării și a tratamentului pacienților.”

Dr. Cristian Radu Jecan

Director Medical, Spitalul „Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu”, București

Medic Invitat ROHO

“Mulțumesc organizatorilor pentru conceptul și formatul evenimentului Convenția Română a Spitalelor ROHO 2017. A fost o onoare și în același timp o experiență remarcabilă să onorez invitația primită. Conferința a oferit un cadru de întâlnire ideal pentru membrii echipelor de management din spitalele românești, prin asigurarea unui cadru propice de schimbare a informațiilor, de împărtășire a problemelor întâlnite în cadrul procesului de management spitalicesc și mai important, a soluțiilor găsite. Participarea specialiștilor și a profesioniștilor din sănătate din alte țări europene în cadrul ROHO, mai ales a celor din zonele învecinate cu România, a asigurat o diseminare largă a unor proiecte și soluții specifice implementate de aceștia, care pot constitui un model și pentru țara noastră.”

Vlad Bontaș

Director, AGROCOV, Galați, +5500 ha
Fermier Invitat
Vreau în primul rând să vă mulțumesc pentru invitația acordată și să vă felicit pentru organizarea Forumului, una foarte bine structurată, atât în baza invitaților, cât și a subiectelor abordate. A fost o zi plină de acumulare de informații, sperăm noi folositoare, iar când ne-au permis pauzele am profitat pe partea de networking cunoscând alți colegi din țară și povestind unii altora cu ce ne lovim în fermele noastre și ce putem îmbunătăți.

Ene Gîrban

Manager, G, AGRO-IND COM, Buzău, +2000 ha
Guest Farmer

The RALF event, which succeeded in uniting large Romanian farmers, was a real success. There were very clear views and at the same time the guests had a remarkable presence. The whole event had a gala outfit.

Proiect: Openville

Timisoara, Romania


Openville este cel mai mare proiect de tip mixt din vestul României, aflat în plină dezvoltare în centrul Timişoarei, în proximitatea Iulius Mall. Acesta va fi principalul pol de business, retail şi entertainment din regiune şi va fi inaugurat în primăvara anului 2019, odată cu finalizarea primei etape. Openville va reprezenta o destinaţie cosmopolită de lifestyle, care va include: şapte clădiri de birouri, 450 de magazine, un parc de peste 55.000 mp, restaurante şi cafenele tematice, un nou concept de cinema, carusel pentru copii şi săli de evenimente. Valoarea investiţiei este de peste 220 de milioane de euro.

Presented by

Raluca Munteanu
Business Development Manager IULIUS
Speaker DEVO 2018
Raluca Munteanu
Business Development Manager IULIUS
Speaker DEVO 2018

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