ROHO – Romanian Hospital Convention

ROHO – Romanian Hospital Convention is a communication project about high quality healthcare, best medical practice examples related to hospitals, clinics, nursing, medical services provision and medical management. ROHO is dedicated to the medical directors and clinical sections chiefs, leaders from medical industry, solutions and technologies suppliers.


Gheorghe Borcean, MD, PhD

President of the Romanian College of Psycians

Chairman and Special Guest / "The quality of the medical service depends, first and foremost, on the compliance with the perennial principles of practicing the medical profession: competence, conscience, respect for patient autonomy, respect for confidentiality, professional independence, love of the profession, love of one’s neighbor, unconditional availability."

Prof. Dr. Guido Adler

Chief Medical Director and Chairman of the Board, Heidelberg University Hospital

Special Guest and Keynote Speaker / "The convention area and the exhibition rooms were ideal for intense discussion between participants. The presentations covered a wide spectrum of topics in medical care. A further highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the hospital room concept by Philips."

Prof. Dr. Juliusz Jakubaszko

European Director of International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM)

Guest and Keynote Speaker / "Professor and Chair of Bydgoszcz Collegium Medicum, Nicolai Copernici University in Torun, Poland. Ambassador of Europe to IFEM. Emergency physician, anesthesiologist and intensivist. Is internationally recognized as pioneer of emergency medicine in Poland and Central-East Europe."

Usman Khan

Director, The European Health Management Association (EHMA) Guest and Speaker

Guest and Speaker / "Valoarea evenimentului ROHO, din perspectiva Asociației Europene de Management în Sănătate (EHMA), constă în faptul că oferă o platformă excelentă de comunicare pentru profesioniștii din sănătate din România, care au ocazia de a învăța atât din experiențele interne, cât și din cele internaționale."

Alexandru Popescu

CEO Phillips South East Europe

Guest and Master Partner / "Through this integrate approach to healthcare we are developing tailored solutions for and together with our partners. Hence, the vision of ROHO - Romanian Hospital Convention is similar to ours, and we are delighted to be the master partner of this event."

Jim Gray, MD

Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Hospital Infection, The Healthcare Infection Society

Guest and Speaker / "Jim Gray has been a Consultant Microbiologist and Infection Control Doctor at Birmingham Children’s and Women’s Hospitals. He also has editorial roles on International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents and the Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases."

Youssef Tammam, MD

Member of Mediterranean Thoracic Society

Guest and Speaker / "With more than 30 years of expertise in heart surgery, Dr. Tammam Youseff has successfully operated over 600 adult patients and more than 1,000 pediatric and neonatal patients with severe heart malfunctions. His activity is closely related to reference medical centers in Italy, Syria and Romania."

Ramona Marincaș, MA

Director of Nursing, Zalau Emergency Hospital

Guest and Speaker / "Experiența trăită m-a făcut să plasez evenimentul pe locul 1 într-un top personal. Un alt aspect inedit și foarte impresionant a fost aranjarea acelor camere de spital care au prezentat aparatura medicală, dar care au și simulat traseul unui pacient, foarte ușor de înțeles și foarte util pentru participanți."