RALF – Romanian Agriculture Leadership Forum

RALF – Romanian Agriculture Leadership Forum is an event dedicated to the large farmers and to the leaders in industry. RALF promotes best practices, business models and examples of success from Romanian and international agriculture.


Pekka Pesonen

Secretary General, COPA and COGECA, the united voice of farmers in the European Union, Finland

Special Guest / "Romanian agriculture is a key player on the EU market, and as such, Romanian farmers and agri-food sector needs to actively voice their concerns and seek solutions jointly with their European counterparts."

Tim Hassell

Farm Manager, Goodwood Farm / Farm Manager of the Year 2015, in Great Britain

Speaker and Guest Farmer / "I must say I was very impressed with how the day went, how friendly and helpful everybody was and I got a sense of how proud everybody is of Romania. On a personal note this was the first time I had spoken to such a large group of people so thank you for the opportunity."

Dr. Eng. Dimitrie Muscă

General Manager, CAI Curtici / Farmer of the Year 2015 in Romania

Speaker and Guest Farmer / "You have to permanently read, see, learn and work. It is the only way to remain efficient. We can compete with any profile company in Europe. Productivity says everything. I will talk about CAI Curtici at RALF, in November."

Dr. Eng. Lucian Buzdugan

President of AGRICOST / Manager of the biggest European agricultural exploitation, Romania

Speaker and Guest Farmer / "Este pentru prima dată când o organizație grupează pe marii fermieri din România. Pe umerii acestora stă de fapt principala bază a producției agricole din România, principală sursă de export pe care o realizăm, principala sursă de contribuție, din agricultură, la PIB-ul României."

Jeroen van Wijk

President of the regional branch of LTO Dutch Organisation for Agriculture and Horticulture, Netherlands

Speaker and Guest Farmer / "Jeroen van Wijk was nominated by Dutch Organisation for Agriculture and HorticultureDutch Organisation for Agriculture and Horticulture (LTO Nederland) to participate at RALF 2016."

Doriana Nițu

General Manager, KWS, Romania

Master Partner RALF 2016 / "We are actively involved in the activity of partner farmers from our country, providing solutions that add value to farms - regardless of whether we are speaking of our own relevant projects or of specific programs carried out in partnership, like our participation as Master Partner in RALF 2016, a collaboration which will bring to the fore the experience of Romanian farmers and the importance of their work."

Markus Rediger

President of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists IFAJ, Switzerland

Speaker and Guest / "The role of agricultural journalism is important as society becomes increasingly urbanised with few people having any direct contact with the land. We help build bridges of knowledge and understanding."


Vicepresident, CEJA – the European Council of Young Farmers, Poland

Speaker and Guest Farmer / "The role that young farmers and their organisations are able to play in shaping the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) at EU-level, and therefore building the framework for the future of the EU farming sector, is an incredibly important one."