# the quality of the medical environment

BUILDING HEALTH BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FORUM is a project of inter-professional communication and a novel meeting of the professions in health with the professions of space building approaches in a new way the quality of the medical environment, in relation with the quality of the medical act. The project is dedicated to the architects, designers, healthcare managers, leaders and investors in healthcare, suppliers of solutions and technologies.



Arch. Șerban Țigănaș

President, The Order of the Architects of Romania (OAR)

Co-Chairman // "Building for health and health for building are the thoughts with which we started this meeting between the meeting between the two fields, health and constructions, where the medical activity takes place"

Gheorghe Borcean, MD, PhD

President, The Romanian College of Physicians (CMR)

Co-Chairman // "The hospital represents the most complex and complicated programme of architecture. The role of the architect in the change of the hospital image is highly important"

Erik Kreyberg Normann, MD

President, The International Hospital Federation (IHF)

Special Guest // "Modern hospitals in modern buildings have a major importance in assuring medical services of quality for patients"

Prof. Dame Sue Bailey

Chairman, The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

Special Guest // "The good conditions of health are essential in the life of children, adults and families, everywhere in the world. Medical services have to be supported by a care based on values"

Mihai Marcu

President of the Council of Administration of MedLife

Guest and Speaker // "The Romanian medical environment needed such an event"

Constantin Hariton

General Manager, Saint-Gobain Construction Products Romania

Partner // "We are happy with the initiative of BORO COMMUNICATION to analyse the quality of the medical space and buildings in the field of health in Romania"

Arch. Guido Messthaler

Managing Director, HDR Europe

Guest and Keynote Speaker // "Architectural design for Health, Science and Research has to fulfil extremely high standards"

Adrian A. Udrea, MD

President, National Association of Private Oncologists in Romania

Guest and Speaker // "I cannot imagine the discussions will not continue, because Romania needs it. It is something we have not done much so far"